5 Day Level 2 Award in Customer Service & Employability with Make-Up Artist Diploma

Online Event

Course Eligibility

  • Must be unemployed or on a low income (less than £17,000)
  • Be receiving a benefit or not
  • A UK resident for 3 years or more
  • Candidates need to be 19 or older as of 31st August 2022
  • Must live in a Non Dev area.
  • Must be able to commit to the full course timings & schedule
  • Must have a valid/in date form of ID

Course Description

5 Day Customer Service & Employability with Make-Up Artist Diploma.

This is a remote course. You will learn from home with guidance from a tutor via a Zoom meeting. You will complete the 5 Days Customer Service course first.

The course will run from 9:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

Customer Service/Employability Units Covered:

Employability – Job searching
Applying for a job
Building working relationships with customers
Group discussion on where jobs can be located and advertised

Discuss how you would search for jobs relevant to customer services.
Identify your own skills and knowledge required to selected job roles.
Learning Outcome 1 – Know how to deliver good customer service
Learning outcome 2 – Know different communication methods
Learning outcome 3 – Know how to provide good customer service in line with organisational procedures
Learning outcome 4 – Know how to effectively deal with customer queries, problems and complaints

Once you have completed the Customer Service/Employability side of the course, we will issue a voucher code via email which allows you to log in anytime to complete the Pet Psychology section of the course at your own pace. 

Make-Up Artist Units:

Understand makeup artistry along with the latest trends.
Learn about the history of makeup, a time line of events and makeup through the centuries.
Know the role of a beauty makeup artist, what you will have to do, working conditions and more.
Get to know the skin, it’s anatomy through to products, techniques and problem solving common skin issues.
Know your tools. Get a good understanding on the different brushes you will have to use, how to care for them and how to choose a good quality brush.
Learn how to use the brushes in terms of length, shape and effective application.
Understand the uses of foundation, how to choose the right foundation, other products and application.
Get to understand corrective makeup, how to use tools and other products.
Learn the various makeup styles, day time, night time, angles and more.
Learn how to apply eye makeup along with common mistakes and eye shapes.
Learn about effective eyeliner techniques, mistakes and more.
Get to grips with brow grooming. Know how to groom the brows, benefits of brow grooming, mistakes and how to fix problem areas and mistakes.
Learn how to apply false eyelashes effectively.
Know how to apply cheek colour, along with blush types and facial shapes.
Understand how to apply lip colour, tips, benefits and mistakes.
Get to know the current beauty trends.
Learn about makeup in TV, film and magazines. Emphasising features, character makeup and more. Is this the position for you?
Know what hair styles work best with what makeup to ensure the two work seamlessly together.
Know how to maintain radiant skin from important steps to tips and advice.
Understand the different makeup techniques for different seasons. Know what makeup works in summer and winter. Get a good understanding on the latest season trends.
Learn some advanced techniques which can help you in your makeup career. Learn about contouring, useful tips, eye techniques and more.
Identify what you need to start and run your own beauty salon from management to health and safety and so much more.

You must complete an enrolment before you can start the course. This will be booked with you upon a successful booking of the course. 

Course Overview

Course Start Date:
Runs every Monday
Start Time:
09:30 AM
End Time:
03:30 PM
Course Duration:
1 Week
Difficulty Level:
Registration Deadline:
Induction Date:
Course Location:
Online Event
Course Location:
Course ID:
Course Tags:
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