Published: Tue 05 Dec 2017

How JobSkilla Helps Unemployed People – Moez’s Story

In February 2017, we met Moez on the streets of Oldham, he saw our JobSkilla tops and he asked if we could help him get a job. He was on benefits and struggling. Moez said that he was interested in Warehouse and Construction but he had no qualifications or industry licences and was therefore finding it really hard to get a job.

We showed him the JobSkilla website and he found two courses; Warehouse Level 2 with FLT and Construction Level 1 with CSCS Test & Card, both set up via JobSkilla for the local community to benefit and all completely free and funded. Moez, booked online via JobSkilla, attended both courses and became qualified. He was also able to drive an FLT and work safely on a construction site. Moez is now in full time work as an FLT Driver and has been for many months, he has also done some work in Construction.

Moez: “JobSkilla has been great for me, Chris, Lisa and all the team were happy to help and I found the training I needed in the first 2 minutes of searching. I couldn’t find this support from anywhere else and hated being on benefits, I just wanted to work and JobSkilla started me off on the right path. Thanks JobSkilla!